Hostel Facilities

Hostel Facility

Hostel Facility

Engaged as they are in fulfilling their ever increasing material needs and for variety of other reasons, parents are not able to devote enough time to their children. Consequently, the children unwillingly fall prey to evil practices prevailing in the society and pick up bad habits.

In joint families, it is difficult to create an atmosphere conducive to education, which drives the children towards failure the academic front and the resultant frustration leads them to sloth, indolence and indiscipline. That is the reason why  in ancient times, children used to receive education in Gurukuls, far away from the hustle and bustle of family and city life. In present day circumstances, Hostel can provide to the children, an ideal atmosphere, conducive to education and immune from foul western influences.

Spacious, well-furnished comfortable rooms

Spacious, well-furnished comfortable rooms

Excellent hostel facilities are available at Sant Shri Asaramji Public School for the students coming from different parts of the country. Students are accommodated in spacious, well-furnished comfortable rooms in a quiet environment conducive to concentration and studies. Each hostel is under the care of a resident warden and offers an excellent environment for living, learning and growing to one’s fullest potential.

The school hostel has a large number of airy rooms, equipped with modern facilities and attached toilet-cum bathrooms with a capacity of 600 students. The students are served meals four times : breakfast, lunch, evening refreshments, dinner.


The school has well maintained, fully ventilated mess. It provides to the students a well balanced, palatable and nourishing diet. The students are served five meals a day in addition to herbal tea before noon and afternoon. The daily menu invariably includes fresh fruits, milk, butter, jam, cereals and vegetables. Kheer, Halwa, dry fruits preparations are also served from time to time. A carefully drawn out menu provides dishes as varied and appetizing as possible. The meals are served in desi cows ghee.

School Tuck Shop

The school has a Tuck shop which is located in the building where stationery articles and uniform items are available on payment during school hours.
Dispensary / Infirmary

Dispensary / Infirmary

The climate of India is varied. Every now and then the weather changes. The children are prone to various diseases. Keeping this in view, the school provides for a dispensary. Here every child is medically examined at least once a year by a team of competent doctors and his/her medical record is maintained. The school has a well equipped dispensary with full time para medical officer. Free medical treatment is provided for minor ailments. The parents / guardians are required to submit the following medical reports :
  • Blood Group
  • Hemoglobin estimation
  • Total and differential WBC count of blood.
  • Vaccination received
  • Urine routine and microscopic examination
  • Stool routine and microscopic examination

School Counselor

The junior and senior wings have qualified full time counselor to deal with children who need special attention. Regular interactions take place among parents, children and the counselor.

Pastoral Care

Parents can rest assured that their children are well taken care of as we look after each students individually. Our teachers are fully dedicated to carry out their responsibility who take pains to ensure that each students is coping well with studies and the environment and remains in good method and physical health.