Principal's Message

This Gurukul is a garden which is owned by Pujya Bapuji. We all are the gardener and our children are the little plantlets of this garden. Our duty is to take intense care of all these plantlets so that even a single plantlet may not be spoilt, may not be ill, may not be left undeveloped, may not die. Out of these plantlets only, one would be a strong tree to face all storms of life, one would be spreading the fragrance of its flowers, one would be satisfying others by its sweet fruits, one would be effacing one's fatigue and one would be providing shelter under its huge personality like a Vatvriksh.

People say that not even a single plant is there without any medicinal use in this world but the lack of such ones is there who can identify them. Similarly, there is not a single child without any capability. But such teachers are needed to identify it and evolve.

Our practices are always to provide all facilities to the student to make perfect in academic aspects according to today's demand and our scholar and experienced teachers are playing their roles at their best.

Through awakening in the early morning, Japa, meditation, Tratak, Surya Namaskar, Asan students arise their good traits and become rich in spiritualism. Students studying in Gurukul should be rich in a spiritualism, possess strong character, Healthy body, sattvic brain and Holy mind this is our goal. These students only would be waving the flag of Divya Gyan delivered to us by Bapuji.