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The Gurukul " Sant Shri Asaramji Public School " is located on the bank of holy Yamuna river in Agra, about 2½ km, away from Akbar Tomb at Sikandra on National Highway towards Delhi, is natural and picturesque pollution free environ of Sant Shri Asaramji Premises.

It is the first school in the chain of educational institutions established in India by Sant Shri Asarmji Educational Trust, Agra. It aims at inculcation of noble traits in the students and overcome problems like indiscipline, impertinence frustration and drug addiction through regular Satsang by Param Pujya Sad Gurudev. The Gurukul’s endeavour is to cultivate sensitivity and creativity in the students in addition to their intellectual development.


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This Gurukul is a garden which is owned by Pujya Bapuji. We all are the gardener and our children are the little plantlets of this garden. Our duty is to take intense care of all these plantlets so that even a single plantlet may not be spoilt, may not be ill, may not be left undeveloped, may not die. Out of these plantlets only, one would be a strong tree to face all storms of life, one would be spreading the fragrance of its flowers, one would be satisfying others by its sweet fruits...  Read More

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